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Customer Feedback

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Customer Feedback:

Comments about our On Line Registration System from Club members :
"On-line stuff was so easy.  Well done to whoever got it up and running."
"The registration process was very easy to use and understand - I was very impressed with it. A great improvement to the old process."

"The new on-line registration system is pretty impressive. Thanks for the new registration function - it's much easier than getting the whole family out to queue up on the day and this year we were unable to attend."
"On line registration was simple and efficient. I played around with password re-setting a couple of times and response time was fantastic! well done guys you have done a great job"

"Team entry is fantastic, as is the database platform!  For someone who uses databases from time to time and know just a tad about technology, I can honestly say it's prob. the best I've seen in a long time.  All too easy and very, very professional.  Must be a whole lot better than making 1600 phone calls prior to internet; and I bet, better than most other clubs have."
"Impressive: The website and rego system seems really good and user friendly (plus good management tools)"
"You have fixed everything! I anticipated some help, but it is a bonus that you went and did it all for me!!  I only wish I worked with people like you and Mark professionally! My life would be 3x as productive and 1/10th as stressfull!!"

Comments direct from our Customers:

Looks good. Thatís what I call response!

"CalfordGreen did a terrific job designing our Website.  We just told Marcus what we wanted, and he made it happen....often surpassing our expectations!" This is actually an endorsement that one of the clubs had on their website for many years....

"Now we're in business: up and running, looking good. Thanks for all your efforts, excellent service."

"Great JOB!!!!!!!!!! I am VERY impressed  "

"What a wonderful thing the [mass customer] Email function* is, I think I am going to be constantly amazed at how this system is going to assist me manage the players of our club"    * Clubs (or businesses) can easily send emails to all of their players (or customers) or a sub selection of them just as easily as sending a single email - some clubs send out in excess of 1,700 emails a week, each email sent separately and personalised  ie "Dear John Smith, "

"I am starting to get really familiar with the system and am enjoying using it immensely. What has, been in the past, onerous has now become quite simple"

...and a very big thank you for all the work you have done to get this up and running and the continued mucking about .... It is much appreciated by the club and me."

Comments from a Committee member of another club about a Club using our Systems:

"From all I have seen on the website (and a great web-site it is), yours seems to be a seriously well-run Club. I am impressed, and somewhat over-awed"


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